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Nettl design in Gloucester

Logo Design & Development and Branding in Gloucester

Logo & Branding

Starting your business and need to look the part online and offline?

We will work with your brief to create a design that will form the foundations of your brand identity. This is not necessarily limited to just one design; we can provide a number of potential logos to give you a choice of which you feel will best represent you. If you want to go one step further, we will put together your Brand Guidelines to ensure your message is delivered with consistency.

3D Modelling & CGI

Professional, unique and stylised CGIs of your products or architecture.

Creating beautiful photo-realistic images can be the best way to go at times, providing an artificially accurate model of anything from your new 4-story flat development to a new machine found in an ICU ward. Complete with branding, interactivity and full customisation.

3D Design Gloucester
Mobile App Design Gloucester

Mobile Apps

The internet is going mobile – it’s ‘appening.

This shift towards mobile and tablet devices means we’re seeing increasing numbers of apps being created. Mobile and tablet users are, on average, actively using around 30 different applications, and yours could be one of those. If you have a creative idea, we have the expertise to build and develop your apps to work on Android and Apple devices.

Great Gloucester Based Graphic Design

But can you afford to invest in design? We’d say, can you afford not to. Nevermind all the pretty, don’t I look good reasons, firstly you only get one chance to make a first impression. But the main reason you should invest in design is Cash. Cold. Hard. Cash.
 The Design Council conducted a survey, nationally of firms and identified those where the use of graphic design had made a direct impact on a number of measures, such as competitiveness, market share and turnover. They called these businesses “design alert businesses” and you can see for yourself what they found.

We Design For People Just Like You

Our clients come from all over the place to visit our Gloucester studio. Some are big and some are small. We work with individuals, businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations. They all have one thing in common. They all have a need to promote an event, an activity, a product or themselves. And we help them. You can read throughout our site what they say about us.

You’re reading this because we’d like to work with you. You fit our profile. We could make beautiful design together. So what do you say? How about it?

So, Good Design, Is It Costly?

Firstly, how much will a BAD design cost your business? The answer is probably, an awful lot. First impressions. People judge you. If you present yourself well, they’ll trust you. If your marketing looks amateur, you’ll turn them off. They’ll make an instant impression of what you’re like to do business with. We all need to make sure we’re not missing out on valuable opportunities, just because we’re putting potential customers off.

Secondly, how much does GOOD design cost? That’s a lot more straightforward. We charge appropriately and fairly for what you need. How long it takes all depends on what you want to achieve and what you supply us to start with. The best thing to do is get in touch and ask for a quote – our advice is free!

Latest software and various online template systems let you create design in no time. But design isn’t simply about knowing which buttons to press – it’s about creating the mood, delivering the message and making the sale. There’s an old adage we think appropriate, “for a professional job, let professionals do the job.” Great design sells. The not so good can do more damage than you might care to think. Trust us. We’d recommend you invest at least a third of your budget in sorting out some decent artwork. After all, it’s not about how many items you distribute, it’s about how many responses you get. Our design fees are probably a lot lower than you think.