Your brand identity and appearance are crucial

Would you be proud to hear how your company might be described behind your back? No matter what size your business is, your appearance is essential to stand out from the competition and how you’re perceived. Your brand should reflect your business personality and values. How you come across depends on the effort you put into your marketing communications. We’d love to help you create consistent, professional branding – whether you need your first logo or a refresh of your current identity.

Sometimes its necessary to give your branding a refresh, don’t let it become outdated.

Your logo is the first thing that your clients will see – it’s the first impression. Does it say the right thing about you? With a poorly designed logo – you can look amateurish. How does your logo sit you in the marketplace? If it’s not better or at minimum on par, you really should address this. A great logo will help make customers remember you and is more likely to help you succeed.

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How are you perceived?

Unfortunately you may not necessarily be perceived as well as you think you are. Like it or not, customers, like people in life, take seconds to judge you. They’ll take a view on how professional your organisation is by the way your marketing and communications look.

Looking professional isn’t hard. Investing in well crafted design adds pounds to your bottom line. According to the Design Council, two thirds of companies who ignore design are left to compete mainly on price. Where does that leave you if your competitors decide to cut their prices? Making little or no profit… or worse… going out of business. Neither are good places to be.

“You don’t often get a second chance to make a first impression.”

If potential customers take a look at your company’s image and think “nah..”, you’ve lost them before you even had a chance to impress them. If you do get a second chance, it takes a lot more effort than if you make a great impression the first time round.

We can help with a knockout design – creative and effective artwork is what we do best. Once your design is crafted, don’t let the side down by just photocopying it onto cheap paper or printing out yourself. The message “carrier“ is just as important as the message. Our Premium ranges exude professionalism without compromising your budget. If you don’t take care over the way your marketing looks, potential customers will wonder how much care you take over your work. Don’t set off on the wrong foot.

A good look and coherent feel across your collateral strengthens your brand and your chances of success.