We are all attracted to shiny things
Whether it’s new things, diamonds, dimonties or crystals, shiny things never fail to attract attention. Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding spot gloss highlights to your business cards or other marketing collateral.

So what is Spot Varnish?

Adding a gloss lamination to an image or an area of an image increases the intensity of colours, spot varnish is a unique process which only adds a high shine gloss coating to selected parts of the image or document.

We start with a matt laminated item such as a business cardfolder or thick flyer. The matt base provides a great contrast for the next layer – a special hi-gloss varnish. This varnish is only applied to the areas you want, hence the name “spot varnish”.

The end result is a beautiful flyer or card with both gloss and matt areas. This has the effect of accentuating and drawing attention to the glossy part of the design. Ask us for colour charts to compare the difference.

Who’s using this Spot Varnish?

Lots of businesses are finding that adding it to their marketing material is giving it a lot more weight and presence. The gloss highlights provide an additional visual stimulus because of the varied textures on the single printed surface. This adds depth and impact and sets the perception of high quality in the eyes of the recipient.

If you’re selling a premium product or are trying to position your business at the upper end of your market, create a striking first impression with business cards, flyers, folders or cards.

What works best?

It works really well over dark colours – that’s where the contrast is greatest and its really noticed. On a light background, the highlights will be less visible and they’ll be practically invisible on white – although that’s sometimes useful if you want to use it as a difficult-to-copy security feature.

Avoid using it over small text or small objects as there is little chance of it exactly lining up and that will be pretty noticable. Best to think of it entirely as its own design element and use it to enhance a piece, rather than simply putting it over existing elements.

Ask us for free samples of spot varnish items, or for ideas on how they could help make your marketing even more effective.