Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, The Top Dog, Boss Man, Chief: these are all terms we never use to refer to Chris, but the implication is clear – he runs things at the Gloucester & Cheltenham studio.

He’s the oldest – sorry most experienced – marketer in the office, and for years has been providing solutions for businesses online and offline. He knows how best to structure and populate your website, and he can tell you how many grams you need – in the innocent world of print, that is.

Passionate about the city, Chris is on the board for Gloucester BID, a trustee at the Superhero Foundation Charity AND just for the crack (and to annoy his children) he’s also a school governor.


Account Manager

If you’re lucky, our very own bonafide resident DJ, Rosie will be the first point of contact when you call us.

An experienced Account & Studio Manager, she keeps projects rolling and the Directors in check.

Outside of spending her time list making, organising, delegating and tea making, Rosie also enjoys 80’s movies and nerdy board games.


Lead Graphic & Web Designer

Vicky is one of our resident graphic designers, having worked with Absolute whilst still studying design at College. Vicky loves to let her creativity flow with a good logo design and branding. Whatever creative juices actually are, Vicky has lots. She’s the other major mac-advocate in the office.

As well as creating some eye-catching designs as part of the Nettl team, one of her finest achievements came when she was at college – creating some rather fetching and award winning pant designs for the Pants to Poverty charity.


Graphic & Web Designer

Lily Mizen is a designer with passion, bringing skills such as a working knowledge of InDesign, a keen eye for detail, and an artistic flair big enough to make any artist turn their head to our table. The only downside to this mild mannered member of our time is that she struggles with the kettle!

Lily’s drive to learn new things is unchallenged and has enabled her to become a template creating expert. And if you think that’s impressive, you should see her portfolio created through her years studying graphic design in college!


Graphic & Web Designer

Elana’s our newest skilled recruit welcomed into the fold, coming from a strong background working in design and web


Marketing Executive

Samuel Caswell – Midwinter, what a name aye? Sam is the newest member of our team. A social media guru at heart where his skills of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter know no limits. Experienced in marketing, PR and content management, we’re nurturing him into the wonderful world of SEO and WordPress websites.

In his spare time he enjoys adventures out on his mountain bike around the many trails in Gloucestershire. He’s also in a drummer in a groovy band (Midnight in England) and he’s a strong competitor for best tea maker in the Gloucester & Cheltenham studios…


Marketing Assistant

Molly is our digital marketing apprentice, currently studying and working with us. Molly loved Art and Media at school, has a passion for all things digital, and is loving learning all things digital marketing and working with our clients. Since starting with us, Molly’s picking up everything fast, working on our social media, answering phones and emails, and even dabbling in some website amends, email marketing and SEO too!

Away from the office, Molly’s a busy lass. She enjoys playing competitive netball for her local club and has completed all 3 Duke of Edinburgh awards – collecting her final Gold award from Buckingham Palace, pretty fancy huh?!

Nettl of Cheltenham Nettl of Gloucester

Cheltenham Studio

We're also Nettl in Cheltenham

We work very closely with the guys in our neighbouring Cheltenham studio, which is handy for you if you love us but are based in Cheltenham!

Sharing work, staff and of course love between two offices means that you can get to meetings with us easier and get the service that you want closer to home. And we do love a good cup of coffee over there!


Whenever you need them

What makes us different is on top of our local studio of design and marketing professionals, dedicated to working on your business, we have access to a Head Office of Central Geeks (one of which we happen to know very closely!) Chances are your project doesn’t need a high-power super-geek, but if and when it does, wouldn’t it be great to have access to a nationwide team of them? With Nettl, you’re sorted. We have the largest (if not only) nationwide network of web professionals.

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A Timeline of Absolute

October 2007 - Absolute was born

Absolute Creative Marketing Limited was hatched. Our aim has always been providing creative agency solutions to Gloucester City Centre businesses. After graduating (in Financial Services and Marketing), Chris progressed his career in company marketing departments around Gloucester and gained further professional qualifications. Working as a client with agencies, and running a few businesses in his spare time, Chris soon wanted to form his own design and marketing studio in the City.

May 2010 - bolt-on

We secured the only franchise in Gloucestershire for ‘Bolting-on’ to the side of independent company, instant access to very best quality print enables us to focus on our core strength of design and marketing whilst providing a unique print solution for our customers. We can now save our clients time and money across a wide range printed items. We offer guaranteed turnaround times and upfront pricing throughout.

June 2010 - Moved Premises

It was at this time, Absolute moved to our new home, just along the road at number 9 College Street, Gloucester. It was important to stay connected with the Gloucester City Centre businesses we know they can add so much value to.

June 2011 - Hosting Partnership

With the website side of the business booming, Absolute signed a partnership agreement with (then) fellow Gloucester local Business to host our clients’ sites.

May 2013

In 2013, we took the opportunity to move to a larger office, just behind College Street in Friars Court. We feel Absolute’s third office within the same postcode demonstrates our commitment to Gloucester City Centre! We are proud to be within the Four Gates of Gloucester, and the Westgate Quarter, an area steeped in history with great views of the Cathedral.

May 2014 - Gloucester Print Shop

From being a franchise, we’ve evolved our offering to become so that we have more control over how we can help and provide print for our clients.

April 2015 - We became Nettl

Absolute was proudly selected to become the first partnership with Nettl in the country; the first nationwide brand of local, high-street web studios. We joined Gloucester to the list of London, Dublin, Manchester and Birmingham.

May 2015 - Moved to our new studio

To tie in with the partnership agreement with Nettl, we moved to a lovely new Listed building on the corner of College Street and Westgate Street. In the area we’ve always been, but we’ve moved a whole letter in our postcode, we’re now GL1 2NF!

July 2016 - Nettl of Cheltenham opened

After doing more and more work with Promotional Merchandise, the time and opportunity came about to hatched a cunning plan to open a Cheltenham web studio.