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Social media is becoming increasingly important for those wishing to promote their products and services. Each social network you choose essentially becomes another channel of discovery; and, you can reap the benefits of providing a more personal approach, which can subsequently increase your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.

With the Nettl of Gloucester social media management option, we can help narrow down the most appropriate social media networks for your business. All our time and resources will be focused towards those that will achieve the best results for you.

If you’re not familiar with many of the available social media networks, the next section will take you through some of the most popular websites. Some you will find of interest, some you may not; but each have their different values, and they may be worth exploring. Click each option to reveal more information.

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With the growing popularity of the main social media channels, the ones with the greatest number of users registered are now becoming flooded with millions of posts each day. Frequently reaching out to your audience will help keep your head above the surface.

Listed below are the most commonly used social media networks


The most popular social network, with over a billion monthly active users. With the increasing number of registered users, Facebook has limited the reach of business pages’ posts to their fan’s news feeds.

To increase the chances of posts reaching the majority of followers, they have to make an impression on the first people to see them – gaining likes, shares, or comments. Priority is also given to those who use photo and video content in their posts.


The selling point of Twitter is having to condense posts into 140 characters. In comparison to Facebook, its interface is minimal and easier to navigate.

It provides a personal touch, as it is much easier to interact directly with your people. Unlike Facebook, your followers will see all of your posts in real-time.


It’s a social network that never took off in the same vein Facebook or Twitter, but it still acts as an important tool for establishing your web presence.

Registering your company on Google+ will allow web users to view a mini profile of the business on the Google search engine. As well as posting regularly and updating your business information, this will put you at an advantage in the Google search result pages.


Not considered as a social network, but works hand-in-hand with them. With less restrictions on video length than a few years ago, YouTube acts as the most popular medium for sharing video content.Videos can be embedded on to your website and can easily be shared.

Founded in 2005, it has sustained a strong presence on the web over the past decade. As a service owned by Google, it also connects with your Google+ account.


Considered more of a business-to-business network than business-to-consumer. You are able to promote your capabilities as an individual with your own personal profile – highlighting your achievements and work history, as you would on a CV.

It allows you to connect and network with your peers and to create a public page for your business.


To some extent, it is a social network – you create a profile, gain followers, and follow others – but it places a focus on posting images, and it’s a mobile app available on iOS or Android.

Once you’ve taken a photo, the app crops your photo to a square image and gives you the option to add retro filters; a fun way to share updates with followers.

Alike Twitter, hashtags can help increase the number of impressions your posts get.


A video sharing mobile app that allows the user to edit six-second video clips. Following a surge in popularity since its introduction, Vine has since been acquired by Twitter.

The main benefit of its association to Twitter is that videos can be embedded in your ‘Tweets’ without having to visit an external site. This means it’s not necessarily a network you have to gain a following on, but one to consider as an option for easily sharing video content with your Twitter followers.

Now you are clued up on some of the most popular networks for businesses and brands, here is what Nettl of Gloucester can do for you with the [SOCIALISER option:

Set up your preferred social media profiles, or manage your existing ones, and brand them appropriately

Understand your business – how you would like to be presented and what you want to achieve on social media.

Devise a social media plan that will help improve user engagement and increase your following.

Post content from your website to drive more traffic there.

Provide a monthly report so your performance on each social network can regularly be assessed.

Let’s talk about social media.

It’s time to get your voice heard amidst the crowd, and we can help.