Working from home? | Tips & Tricks for Business Listings | Nettl of Gloucester & Cheltenham 

April 20, 2020

Working from home? | Tips & Tricks for Business Listings | Nettl of Gloucester & Cheltenham 

If you can’t work IN your business right now, it’s the perfect time to start working ON your business.

Online business listings play a huge role in any business. It’s a free way to get your business online and shout about it. There are a variety of different platforms which offer business listings. Google is the main one – the biggest search engine and therefore the biggest reach. Bing also offers online business listings, also free! 

You may already have a business listing, maybe one you created years ago, we are all guilty of not updating the business address or altering the images. Why? Why wouldn’t you update a free platform? Get the most out of it! 

Now is the time to search for yourself on the internet, find your business listing. Is it up to date? Think to yourself, if I was a customer or someone looking for my business, would I be able to find it? Or, does the address need additional notes? These are all things which can easily put a customer off, if you’re not easy to find then most likely people won’t bother.

If you’re using Google my business and you are an online business and don’t have an address then you would need a home address to generate a code to validate that you are a real person. You can easily select ‘online business’ when setting up so that Google knows not to display your home address – pretty useful to know, right?

Are your business hours up to date? If you close a 5pm then add that to your business listing – this will prevent customers trying to get through when you’re closed and will also prevent disappointment. Closed on the weekend? Add it! 

Images – these are also important on a business listing, most of the time when a customer is looking for your business they will use an image for reference, this is no good if your images are out of date or show an old office/workplace. Be sure to only use images which are appropriate for a large audience and relevant to your business. 

Use your business listings to build traffic to your website, link your website and link your company social media. This will help people to find out more about your business. 

Once your business listing is up to date then you’re pretty much ready to go, just make sure you check in on it once a month or so, add any additional information or extra images which could be useful to clients. 

Think of us as your local marketing team, because more customers old bean. 

With google my business, if you’re an online business and don’t have an address you would need a home address, but only to generate a code to validate you are a real person. But you can select ‘ online business’ when setting it up so google know that, and your home address won’t be visible.

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