Working from home? Top Tips & Tricks for Social Media

March 24, 2020
“If you can’t work IN your business right now, it’s the perfect time to start working ON your business.”


Social media plays a huge part in any business, it’s the perfect way to get your company name and brand out there for people to see. However, before plastering anything and everything all over your social media, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some of these questions;

Has your social media been neglected? 

If so, get back on it, it’s free to set up and get your brand message out there! 

Does your social media lead to your website? 

FREE LEADS! Why wouldn’t you want your social media to link back to your website? It’s the perfect way to drive traffic and show off more of your company

Are your images clear? 

A clear, precise and exciting image will say ALOT about your company. Social media is all about images so making your images stand out is vital. Ask yourself, do they represent your company in a positive way? If not, then why? Take some fancy looking photos (it costs nothing) and make sure they are up to date and represent your company! 

Do you have your contact details on your social media? 

Having your contact details easily accessible is going to encourage people to get in touch! Making them difficult to find or only having them in one place will lower the chance of people wanting to get in touch. Stick them in your description on Instagram or in your Facebook profile, make them a clickable link – people LOVE IT when it’s made easy!

Do you post at the right time for your audience/industry? 

If not, then what’s the point? Do research, look into when your target audience is online, see when they are most active. This is going to be the best time for you to post, grab their attention.

Are you active and engaging with your audience on social media? 

If someone comments, likes or shares your post – acknowledge it! They obviously like what you do, so it’s important to make them feel special, make them wanted. Show that you care about them as a customer. 

Do you use all social media platforms? 

If not, then why? All social media is FREE to sign up to, so get on it! They all have different uses, tools and audiences. They may not all be completely relevant to your sector or where your customers hang out, but it’s good to get your name out there. LinkedIn is particularly good for business, reaching out to clients and posting about your company.

You’re probably wondering how you might have all the time to get your social media up to scratch and to post regularly on social media?

Well, that’s where Hootsuite comes into play. The perfect tool to schedule your social media posts to pretty much all platforms! If you don’t work the weekends, it’s great to still be able to reach out to customers with the use of scheduled posts. 

Still need some help after reading that? No problem, we are here to help.

Think of us as your local marketing team, because more customers old bean! 

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