Apr 24, 2019 | Blog, Print

Print is dead? Not so fast…

Scientific reports show people prefer to read printed material when they are trying to understand something substantive, so why are people so desperate to get rid of print?

Print is most certainly not dead, it’s actually on the rise amongst businesses. “88% of people indicated that they understood, retained or used information better when they read print on paper.”

With the continuous rise of plastic waste people are desperate to say goodbye to print and hello to digital. Although this may seem the most environmentally friendly option to move forward within the marketing industry, it’s actually not! Marketers who mistakenly believe that print is dead are missing out on a very real and, ironically, novel way to connect with their target audience. With this is mind, you want the most effective marketing method for your company, right? Well… less than 64% of people prefer reading digital copies, now that really says something, but don’t let that say anything about YOU. It’s important to switch up your marketing methods, using a mix of both print and digital, this can be more powerful than each medium alone!

It’s proven in a recent study that students who used a computer for revision remembered information rather than knowing it. Psychologists believe that remembering is a weaker form of memory – you want people to really know about your business! In addition to this, touch is a very important aspect of marketing. There is no feeling quite like holding the paper, it automatically feels more credible. Marketers can grab more attention from the audience by using print as it stays in front of your customers longer, unlike emails or web pages which can be quickly moved to trash.

Surprisingly, paper-based marketing has a smaller carbon footprint than digital marketing, since carbon emissions are only produced once during the creation of the product. Meanwhile, carbon emissions occur every time someone uses a digital device.

If you think that’s crazy, feast your eyes on this… 73% of 18-24-year olds were concerned about how mobile tablets and smartphones were damaging their health. Bearing in mind these are people who have grown up alongside technology!

After all, you can’t put your website on your coffee table!

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