Need some new print but not sure where to start?

September 2, 2019

Need some new print but not sure where to start?

Whatever your business, we have got something for everyone, like seriously, everyone!

We are hitting you right in the feels with our top print products for your business!


Hair & Beauty | Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauticians

Price lists, business cards, loyalty cards, stickers, stamps & appointment cards

Did you know we can get you up to scratch on price lists, business cards, loyalty cards, stickers, stamps AND appointment cards! These are just a few of the things we recommend for your business, they’ll keep you ticking along! Who knew price lists came in so many forms, ay?

Here’s some of the styles our clients have previously gone for; folded business cards, tent cards, folded leaflets and flyers. They all come in a range of stocks so you can pick whatever tickles your fancy and you can have pretty much anything on them! We recommend using something bigger like a flyer or folded leaflet if your company offer lots!

Business cards are a staple, like a pair of denim jeans, everyone needs some! That’s why we offer a fast turnaround at reasonable prices on our premium business cards! Need them urgently for an event? Have you just given out your last one? Don’t worry, they can be at your door the next day.* Plus, if you wanna be a bit different (like us) then we can offer shaped, cut out and foiled business cards, great for making you stand out!

If you’re lucky enough to have those all-important loyal customers that for some reason just keep on returning, then read this next part carefully!

We can offer loyalty cards, appointment cards, stickers and stamps which can feature your logo! These are great to give to those special customers, making them feel that little bit of extra love.

Beauticians might like the sound of this too?! These are all print products that would work great for your industry too!

*Dependant on time of order

Hospitality Services | Hotels, B&B & Hostels

A -Signs, flags, exhibition stands, key wallets, window stickers, Foamex boards, door hangers, tablecloths

We can get your hotel kitted out with everything you need to get extra guests through the door! Did you know we offer exhibition stands, A-signs and flags? These make the perfect welcome, as well as window stickers, PVC banners, Foamex boards, tablecloths, door hangers and envelopes! These are just a selection of some of the products we offer to keep your business rockin n rollin! Plus, we offer some cool key wallets, a great way for your customers to keep their key safe! …also, a great bit of branding for you!

As well as all of these fancy extras we can still provide leaflets, flyers, business cards and more for your business!

Cafés & Restaurants

Menus, business cards, café barrier, receipt holders, PVC banners, posters

Always open, constantly on the go and no time! We can design and print your menus, business cards, café barrier, receipt holders, PVC banners and posters all stress free. You can keep things running at the café while we work in the background getting you some fresh new print, hot off the press, ready to be put in action! (We can even drop them to your local Gloucester branch – extra brownie points aye?)

If you’re not sure how to make your print different, exciting or new then we have a great team of designers that can do the work for you. Completely stress free!

Business Services | Finance, Legal, Recruitment & Estate Agents

Business cards, promotional products, pens, banners, folders, letterheads, bookmarks, decal, signage

To get the business, you need to LOOK the business… brand, brand, brand baby! Apart from the obvious print such as business cards and letterheads, why not expand your brand with some sleek pens for the office and clients, roller banners for the meeting room and exhibitions OR go full WACK with some fresh signage.

Retail Businesses

Flyers, window stickers, cut outs, branded staff clothing & loyalty cards are great for getting your customers to return! We can offer them all here at Nettl in all shapes and sizes, tailored to your business.

Getting things in ship-shape is key, and first impressions count. Does your shop window shout and grab potential customers? If not, we can help.

We offer a range of decal from lettering to full window stickers. Swing them down to your end with hanging signage or if you’ve got permission (don’t be a rebel) we have pavement signage.

Nightlife | Clubs, Bars, Pubs

Flyers, posters, café barristers, menus, branded clothing, vouchers

Boogielicious baby, it’s disco time! But what’s going to get potential customers dancing into your club? Promotional flyering has always been a great method, we see it everywhere, it’s cost-effective and works (and we do a ruddy good price on flyers if I say so myself).

We also offer posters, branded t-shirts & jackets, café barriers and much more which are great for making your business & brand thrive!

Extend your capacity with a barrier – it’s always worth it on Summer nights and can increase footfall.

Like the sound of something here? We would love to hear from you!

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