How local SEO could be beneficial for your company

Local SEO is a great strategy when you want to find your target audience. After all, 97% of people in your area are looking for a business just like yours on Google. And every time someone taps in the words ‘near me’, you could be missing out if you’re not using local SEO services.
No matter where you’re based, optimising for audiences in your target area can help you grow your business. Here’s why you should be optimising for local SEO today…

How does local SEO work?

The job of any search engine is to turn up the best results for your query. Local SEO pulls in geographical location when indexing and ranking results. With this method,  instead of competing nationally, you’re looking to stand out in your local area.
Local SEO services use strategies like location-specific keywords and backlinks to local events to boost your site relevance and improve your ranking.

Benefits of local SEO

If you’re tired of being a little fish in a big pond, local SEO shrinks the size of the pond and lets you connect with your target customers. Here’s why local SEO is a great choice for your local business:

Increase visibility

92% of people select a business from the first page of their local search results. So if you’re not showing up, you’re not getting new customers. Your business depends on attracting and retaining customers to grow, so investing in local SEO services is an intelligent way to start increasing your business’s visibility.

Targeted traffic

Using a broad SEO approach could turn up hits on your content from all over the world. That might look impressive, but converting your international audience into paying customers is unlikely. By focusing on growing your customer base using local SEO services, you can target and convert customers from your area.

Build authority and trust

A prime ranking on the results page gives you more than visibility and increased reach. It portrays you as an authority in your sector, just  like a high-ranking Google vetted company. In addition, you’ll gain your customers’ trust and respect and increase the likelihood that you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Increase sales

It’s no secret that an increase in traffic is often followed by a boost in sales. Instead of trusting their purchase to an anonymous online company, they can seek you out and start building a relationship based on your proximity and availability.

Community building

Recent events have reminded us all of the importance of community, and by making the effort to link to other local businesses you’ll notice results on and offline. For example, reputable backlinks to local businesses open the door to productive working relationships, as well as boost your ranking.

Local footfall

For customers, there’s more value and convenience to shopping in your local area than ever before. And local SEO gives you two valuable touchpoints with local customers. First, they’ll discover you and come and check you out. Then, you’ll deliver an unforgettable customer experience. So when they need your products or services again, you’ll be the first business they think of to fulfil their needs.

Reduce marketing costs

Paid ads are losing out to organic traffic as the best way to build your business. And using local SEO services reduces your reliance on ads to build your rank. Instead, Google becomes a free way to advertise your business and gain valuable clicks. 

Get local with Nettl

If you’re looking to take your marketing up a notch, our local SEO services are tailor-made to give your business the boost it needs. Get in touch with us today to see how Nettl can help you outrank the competition.