Let’s talk merchandise… Eco-friendly merchandise!

Apr 5, 2019 | Blog, Merchandise

Plastic pollution can now be found on every beach in the world, crazy right? In 2016, a global population of more than 7 billion people produced over 320 million tons of plastic – set to double by 2034. With this in mind; it’s super important to help these figures decrease.

Let us tell you more,

As Nettl, we asked ourselves how we could be better, we have made a change to our jazzy print and made it even jazzier AND it’s better for the environment… pretty good if we may say so! You may be wondering how we can make our print even better? Well, all our amazing matt and gloss laminated print have been changed to our new biodegradable film, yep biodegradable. The best part is, it looks the same as our regular lamination, but it feels even better. Plus, Nettl is the only company to use this type of print in the UK, we know it’s amazing!

This also means, the well-needed change of business cards, flyers, showcards, menus and invitations can be done that little bit more often! Especially when within 2 years it’s decomposed without leaving contaminants in the soil!

As a business, have you thought about what products you are using daily? Could you switch to an eco-friendly newspaper pencil and a recycled cover and paper notebook for those all-important meetings? Imagine what that would say about your business. With exhibition season fast approaching have you thought about what merchandise products you could use? Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could ultimately lead to a sale. We love the bamboo fibre coffee cup as well as the recycled newspaper pencil, the notebook made from recyclable materials, the cotton shopper and the biodegradable pen. Plus, these are just a few of the products, the options are endless!

Have a look at our online catalog or get in touch, it would be great to hear from you!

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