Hosting options with or without Nettl

Dec 6, 2018 | Blog, Nettl


To host, or not to host? That is the question…


Congratulations on your new, gleaming, tip-top, website. Now it’s time to decide how and where you want your website hosted.

There are a few options depending on your current hosting situation!

Option 1: You host the website using your current/existing hosting provider

We can package up your website into a zip file and hand it over to whoever deals with your Internet account. They can unpackage and upload the site and set it up within your current hosting account. There’s no extra transfer charge for us doing this. You sign off the website as working on our server, and we provide it all as it is. We’ll help with any problems of course, but the website should work absolutely fine, and your current host should know how to get it working on their servers like you’ve seen it working on us.

Please be aware (and it does mention this in the Proposal) if you want to keep the WordPress website updated, the base framework/theme, or any of the plug-ins, you may incur a license fee from the third party developers of the base framework used for your site. We include and cover this cost when we host it (as we have a master license held by Nettl) but it can’t be transferred out. In this scenario, the support ourselves and our geeks can provide is more limited, as we can’t get involved in third-party servers and any problems they may have or cause the website etc.Hosting options with or without Nettl

Option 2: You host with existing arrangement, as above, but you’d like us to make the transition for you.

You host the website, all as above – the same conditions apply.

But if you require us to move your site and upload to your current hosting/server, we need to charge for undertaking this on your behalf. Ordinarily, it should be completed within an hour slot we can book it in for, costing you £60. But, if it overruns and there are problems or incompatibilities with the server and the website doesn’t work for any reason, and we have to spend longer testing and sorting and liaising with your host, this extra time is chargeable. This is the worst case scenario, but we can’t be held accountable for third-party problems.

Hosting options with or without Nettl

Option 3: Ownerships with you, the website’s all on us

Experience tells us, this is probably the best-for-all option. You maintain control of the domain name and emails with your current provider, and you’ll continue to be invoiced by them for just the domain name and emails. But you can reduce/delete any website hosting charges on top of the domain name renewal and emails. We can then either provide – or go in and alter for you – the relevant “DNS Records” to point to your website that remains sat on our servers.

This way, you have no disruption and we cover any base licence costs for the website. It stays on our servers, we can provide full support (even our care/insurance plan if you like), we back up the website hourly, and you know any website issue – it’s us to speak to. We can add and include our “Secure Certificate” (the “https://”) on the site for you and we can more easily do any other potential work on the site, with the support of the Nettl geeks and their support superpowers. We charge £15 a month for our website hosting. We use Amazon’s cloud servers.Hosting options with or without Nettl

Option 4: All over to Nettl

You can, if you wish, cut ties with any existing or previous website host and have everything under one roof. We can help you transfer the domain name and email accounts over to us, as well as keeping the website hosted where it has been through the build stages. This may cause some disruption – you’d need to back up your emails and re-setup afresh when it’s over on our side. We have people that can help you do this if you need help. It would mean everything’s all under one roof. We pass on the costs of your domain name(s) at cost, and there are options with email addresses, depending on your requirements.

Hosting options with or without Nettl


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