Five fonts you shouldn’t use on your website

May 14, 2018 | Blog, Design


When designing a website you need to stand out and be unique; the font you use can reflect that.


We wouldn’t recommend this font as it looks plain, doesn’t stand out and looks unprofessional; there are so many other appropriate fonts out there that you could be using instead.

Comic Sans

Another font that is comes across as simplistic is Comic Sans. We would only suggest using a similar font to this when targeting a younger audience as it is easier to read. However, if this is used on a professional website your clients are less likely to take your business seriously.


An outdated font such as Papyrus shouldn’t be used on business websites. Back in the 1980’s this font was deemed popular but the novelty of it has worn off now and it has definitely had its day.

Courier New

This font was designed to imitate traditional typewriting but it is most commonly used for coding and plain text.

Kristen ITC Regular

Likewise with Comic Sans, this is another simplistic font which doesn’t scream originality. However, as stated before, if your audience are younger then perhaps using a neat yet child-friendly font would be advised.

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