If we’re hosting your emails for you, here’s a handy reference guide to how you can get your emails set up and working on various devices. We use 123-reg as a default as the place we buy, register and hold your domain name.

With your emails, you have 3 main options, whether you’d like to use Googlemail, Office365 mail, or just direct through 123 Reg‘s own email ‘imap’ solution. If one of the first two, please click those links to take you through to setting up emails with them, if ‘standard/normal’, the bullet point links below are for you.

Whatever your email address, you’ll need two bits of information in order to set up – the actual email address that is the mailbox you can send from (as opposed to any alias’s or forwards you may have set up), and the password that related to that email address. Assuming you have these two bits of information, you’re good to go;

Setting up your Emails

In brief, if you don’t need the step-by-step, you’ll just need 4 pieces of information;

  • Your email address (if it asks for ‘username’, use your email address in full.)
  • Your password (if we’re setting up your account in 123-Reg for you, we’ll send you this)
  • Incoming mailserver: imap.123-reg.co.uk
  • Outgoing mailserver: smtp.123-reg.co.uk

In more detail, to set up an email client, or your phone for example, this page is really useful and contains all the information you need. Setting up emails with 123-reg. On that page, you’ll see both a helpful video and a step by step screenshot guide;

Also, in an emergency, and to test the mailbox is working you can log in quickly and easily from anywhere, using using nothing but your email address and password, through “webmail“, which you can do here: Access via webmail. If that won’t let you in, something’s not right, speak to us.

(If you’re an existing client with us, we may host you with Gloucestershire Hosting, which has different settings so do ask us about these)