Ecommerce websites: should your business invest in one?

Aug 5, 2015 | Blog, Website Design

It happened in 2014, and some of you may well know: the number of people accessing the internet on a mobile or tablet device officially overtook the number of desktop users – and this rise looks unrelenting.

With this type of steady increase, you would imagine this would be reflected in the number of transactions taking place online, and you would be right to think so. It has now been estimated that, by the second quarter of 2016, there will be 19 million m-commerce (mobile ecommerce) users who spend up to £100 on their transaction. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to consider investing in an ecommerce website which is responsive to mobile and tablet devices.

Happy Glastonbury Responsive Ecommerce Website

There are obvious benefits to having an ecommerce store: if you do not have a shop front, it gives you the opportunity to sell your products without the huge maintenance costs; if you do have a physical store, selling online can allow you to expand outside of your locality and start targeting people on a national – or even global – scale. Not to mention your shop will be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Start selling online.

We can get you selling online for as little as £695 if your requirements are straight forward, with a limited product range. Otherwise, we can cater for as many thousands of products and whatever level of complexity you require – just come and visit us in our Gloucester studio.

A client of ours, Surgical Systems Ltd, started trading in 1987; with an expanding product range, advances in technology and the growing consumer trends of buying online, they are now benefiting from having their entire product catalogue on their ecommerce website – easily accessible to a large number of people on a national scale.

If something like this interests you, ask us about our ecommerce start-up grants we have available to get you selling online, for less.

Integrated stock and till management.

An added bonus for shop owners, when buying from us in particular, is that we can connect your ecommerce website to your EPOS till system. This means that all transactional and stock management processes are synchronised – enabling you to know that if you sell the last of an item in your store at 5pm, it will not let one be sold online that evening.

ecommerce website linked to epos system

Our ecommerce websites are designed to be semi-automated – the product information is manually inputted, but relatively little has to be done by you once a customer has purchased an item or service, besides from confirming the order and dispatching the package.

Click and Collect.

You are not restricted to only offering a delivery service though. What if someone wants to collect from you? In this mobile world, it’s very common for your shoppers to find an item online, purchase it and know they just have to collect it the next day – or even in 2 hours’ time. That system and logistics has been traditionally been the preserve of stores of the likes and size (and budget limits) of John Lewis. Well not any more. We have proven that this technology is fully-functional and accessible to businesses of any size by installing it in a number of stores around Gloucestershire. We’d love to provide these services for a Gloucester based business, and can offer a special deal, in addition to our grants available, so we can make this happen for your business.

We are currently witnessing a large uptake for ‘Click & Collect’ ecommerce websites – with our most recent project being specialist gift store, Happy Glastonbury. For the sake of convenience, having the function of allowing a customer to choose a date and time to collect serves to improve the customer experience, not to mention your sales.

If you feel an ecommerce website could benefit your business, we have more details which can help you make your decision. You can also get in touch by emailing , or giving us a call on 01452 423548.

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