Our Cheltenham web design studio Official Opening!

August 24, 2016

There’s a chance you might have heard the whisper on the grapevine (who are we kidding. We’ hope you’ve heard, we’ve had it all over social media) that a Nettl of Cheltenham has opened it’s doors.

Even though our Cheltenham office has been up and running for a few weeks now we are officially opening our Cheltenham doors TOMORROW (at time of writing), on Thursday the 25th of August.

You may have been wondering “is that the same people as Nettl of Gloucester”, or “is that just another of the Nettl’s, of which there are over 60 now around the country, and they’re even cropping up in New Zealand”. (Although admittedly, unless you’re really stalker-ish you might not know about that.)

But whatever, it’s true; the country’s only multi-location group of high-street located web design studio, can now be found in the centre of Cheltenham. In case you aren’t a stalker or employee, we think the model’s great, because it provides an infrastructure, a geek support network that isn’t rivalled. Ultimately meaning better business contingency and continuity for you. What can you do if your web design company stops trading, or your web designer goes off to find himself in Tibet for 3 years? With Nettl, you pop down the road to the next studio.

And who are they? Well we, the team here at Nettl of Gloucester, are a large part. We’re helping out over there lots, we’re using our skills and knowledge on the web side of things. But we’re also in partnership on the venture with Rimano, an expert in his field of bring the world of promotional merchandise to Cheltenham. Together with the social media marketing they do lots of, and the Cheltenham roots, it brings another string to our already very tuneful marketing bow. And it all just fell into sense. And made place.

We were proud to bring the first ever Nettl independent partnership in the country, in the world! And now, 56 official other studios signed off (and a few more still earning their stripes), we’re really chuffed to be the first to be taking a second studio. Having a presence just made sense to us, we’ve lots of lovely Cheltenham clients already, we wanted to make it easier to interact with more.

If you’re a customer, you should have been advised of this. Whatever, if you’re reading this we like you, so we are inviting you too!

So do come and see us, say hello, and enjoy the free food and drink provided by Cheltenham based businesses Battledown Brewery and our immediate neighbours, The Stable, and Boston Tea Party, just let us know!

Email , ring 01242 379 279, and make sure to visit our Cheltenham Contact Page to find out where we are!

(Here’s the link to their take on this announcement opening)

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