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Jun 2, 2017 | Blog, Nettl

The Challenge

Hi, I’m Chris Nyland. I’m 39. On Friday 9th June, I’m going to attempt to shift myself (and what my daughters tell me is my ‘big tummy’!) the distance of 4 marathons in just 4 days, along the Cotswold Way to raise money for the Superhero Foundation.

As I approach my 40th year and having put exercise and my own health and wellbeing behind other priorities and time demands in my life, it feels like I need to put myself through this!

Whilst I made it around a half marathon 10 years ago, I was a lot younger and fitter then – i think that was the last time I exercised. And I could not imagine running a metre further having crossed the line, nor moving for the few days that followed.

It seemed a good idea to volunteer for this challenge at the time, but as the day gets closer, my legs ache just sat here thinking of it. I’m more than a little scared by what my mouth volunteered to and now my legs can’t get out of.

I naively tell myself, I’m lucky to have the tools to be able to walk, a step at a time, and I reckon I have the resilience to keep on going. So that’s all I need… right? Right!? I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I just hope seeing 100 miles of the Cotswold Way through our beautiful shire helps take the pain away.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been asked if I might be able to help out a little and have very willingly become more involved with the Superhero Foundation. I got to know Jamie by helping look after the website, and his infectious enthusiasm intrigued me. I’d always followed the fundraising efforts – as a proud Gloucester resident, you can’t fail to notice or be inspired by Jamie and all the Superhero stories he helps to create. I’ll need to channel some of these powers to make it this ridiculous distance.

During my time being involved with the charity, I have witnessed lots of inspiring stories and watched the way these people have made a real difference to children’s lives for the better. With my own children, seeing the struggle a lot of the children the charity helps overcome, makes me eternally grateful and anything I can do to help them, I am willing to do.

If I can help raise some money, to go towards the Superhero Foundation’s work, having witnessed all the amazing work that goes on in helping the families, I just know what a difference it can make. In order for them to help more families in the future, they desperately need more funds.

I have never done anything like this – either the challenge or asking for your donations –  but I am not too proud to beg. So please. However little, I would really appreciate all your support.

If you wish to join me, for a little or the lot – let me know. Otherwise, wish me luck!

The Superhero Foundation

Empowering real-life superheroes to change & save lives

Adventureman Jamie McDonald, co-founded Superhero Foundation, aiming to empower real-life Superheroes to change, and save lives.

Recovery from illness, an accident or managing a chronic condition is a long and winding road. The Superhero Foundation knows that sometimes there are therapies, equipment and treatments – which can relieve mental or physical illness – that fall outside the remit of what standard healthcare services, like the UK’s NHS, can fund.

Our expert support team provide mentoring, social media and publicity support to enable these heroes in-the-making to move beyond the limits of their physical and mental capability.

Come the finish line, not only are the lives of the Superheroes we help changed for good, but also those of the families that the foundation supports.

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