Diary of a Nettl Design Cadet: Part 2

Mar 14, 2017 | Blog

Week 4: Planning a Project

Today at the Nettl of Birmingham Business Store, we looked further into the ways of Nettl, and how a typical project initially starts out. We received a workbook which was full of scenarios of typical clients looking for websites. We had to look through and pair which Nettl offering would fit their needs best. It contained useful information such as Nettl’s 5p’s: Project, Plan, Pitch, Proposal and Price. Which is a method used when starting projects to ensure it is completed as efficiently as possible. 

Week 5: The Brief

This week was all about researching The Printing Charity Website because for the end project of this Academy, we are creating a live website rebrand for this company, to use the skills we are learning over the period of the course on this real website project. We started looking into the existing website to understand what they did, who their target audience are, what the charity is trying to achieve.

Once we had gathered some information, we presented back what we had learnt to the other Cadets. It was good to show our understanding of the client and the brief, as this is important in then planning out what we are going to do for them. There was also a bit of a photoshoot going on in the Nettl business store today!

Week 6: Conference Day

We had a over Skype meeting with the CEO of The Printing Charity today. We had all prepared some questions for him after looking over the brief, that would impact his site, for example:

  • existing sites that he liked and why?
  • functionality he wanted or needed on his site,
  • what he already like about the existing site, and
  • what he didn’t like about it.

This was so we could get a really understanding and feel of the brief and charity. The rest of the day was then spent setting up our websites and getting on with an initial home page design.

Week 7: CSS

Today we dipped our toes in the ocean of what is CSS, (This stands for Cascading Style Sheets). It was really interesting to get an understanding of this side of web design and to get an idea of how it’s all done. We were taught about the inspect tool and how it can be used to make adjustments to your site. We had a bit of a competition to see who could mess up the BBC website the most with the new found knowledge!

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