We’ve moved to the UK:DRIC

Mar 7, 2019 | Blog, Nettl

The secret is out, we’ve moved to the UK:DRIC!

We’ve successfully relocated to the UK’s First ‘Digital Retail Innovation Centre’ (DRIC). We’ve loved offering our website, design, print & marketing services from the beautiful building we made our own on the corner of Westgate Street and College Street, but to be involved in the exciting UK:DRIC was an opportunity too good to miss. We innovated by opening a web studio on the high street – the first Nettl Partner studio at that – 4 years ago, now there are 170 of us around the country and globe. The UK:DRIC fits perfectly with what we’re doing locally.

What’s this “UK:DRIC” all about? Thanks for asking! It’s been funded to the tune of £400,000 (by GFirst LEP), it’s a UK first and it aims to help retail businesses survive, no Thrive, in this increasingly digitized world. Providing a showcase for new technologies to help the high street adapt and compete with the online convenience more and more shoppers know and love. Research has proven, high streets and outlets that make the most of digital can capitalize on the online spend. Gloucester’s a perfect test bed for capitalizing and experimenting with such “disruptive technologies”. And Nettl are perfectly positioned to help facilitate such evolutions.

We’re committed to Gloucester, passionate about the high street and about using technology and innovation to help businesses utilise the new opportunities created by the change in buyer behaviour. Nobody wants towns and city centres to decline, so lets be part of a positive change and integrate the digital high street with the physical one. We’re excited to be part of this new journey, lets help enable more businesses to digitise their offering and embrace the future!

The Gloucester BID (Business Improvement District) is already in place, a business funded group to benefit Gloucester businesses in a number of ways including digital. The UK:DRIC compliments this offering and really showcases Gloucester as trying to be positive, forward thinking and help adapt to the ever-changing world.We’ve moved to the UK:DRIC

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