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Nettl Cloud Website Hosting

High-quality, reliable web hosting that scales as your business grows.

You have a domain, and your website has been built; now you need hosting to push your website live. You need a web host. Nettl of Gloucester offer a cloud hosting solution which provides the very best security, reliability and scalability – three essential aspects which also contribute to a positive user experience.

As a default, all websites we build are hosted by one of the most robust hosting platforms out there, Amazon’s AWS EC2 – a proven infrastructure which provides all the benefits of cloud hosting for the likes of Adobe & NetflixSoundcloud & Spotify, ITV & Channel 4, The Guardian & Financial Times, and of course, the worlds largest retailer, Amazon itself to name but a few.

Website Hosting Servers in Gloucester

Trouble-free browsing

Speed is an important factor when choosing hosting; people are visiting your page with intent – to access information or to purchase an item – and any delay could send them back to the search results.

With our website hosting, we can guarantee a seamless experience for your visitors as they navigate from one page to the next, and offer complete ‘SSL‘ Secure Certification whilst going through the checkout stage to make a transaction if you have an ecommerce website.

Reliability & Scaling

Hardware failures are uncommon, but in the unlikely event that one occurs, we have backup; another server or data centre will take over and ensure there is minimal downtime. We also take regular backups of your website and its content as standard too.

Most of all, we want to help you grow. When your traffic starts increasing, more transactions are being made, or if you are expanding your product range and adding more content, we will work with you to scale your computing.

Additionally, you may need a new domain, or have one transferred to your new hosting package. We can take control of this process for you, and even help acquire a third-party security certificate – known as an SSL – for your website.

SSL Security in Gloucester

Multiple, regular, website back-ups

We back up your website every hour for the first 2 days. Then we stick with daily backups and after 3 weeks move to weekly back ups. 

The best thing, is we keep them for you to choose which one to restore to, so if you don’t notice immediately if your site was compromised, we’ll just wind back further. We can look in our control panel for your site and select which site to roll it back to.

For WordPress sites, some information is stored in Files while other is stored in the Database. We can restore either, or both.

Our hosting packages

Prices exclude VAT. Hosting subject to our terms and conditions.

Starter Hosting

Suitable for: Nettl :one Websites
£10 per month

Storage: 5Gb
Fire power: Normal
Backups: Weekly
Incident Response Times: Next day
Availability: 99%
Twin City Hot Swap: No

Commercial Hosting

Suitable for: Nettl :commerce Websites
£25* per month

Storage: 100Gb
Fire power: Turbo
Backups: Hourly
Incident Response Times: 3 hours
Availability: 99.9%
Twin City Hot Swap: Yes

*Addition of Secure Certificate if required: £5 per month

The engine powering your website.

Surely you want it to be all of the above, and nothing less?
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