Turning 3D realism into fantasy

Apr 9, 2015 | Blog

Recently creating a CGI of a new block of flats located in the outskirts of London, our 3D designer though he could accomplish more.

The inspiration came from a competition he found online, one to simply create an “outpost”. The general theme of this is extremely vast, and with some incredibly unique posts from talented artists, the posts certainly were as well. With people uploading scenes of modernised medieval castles, giant spaceships, fantasy children’s book illustrations and zombie aftermath scenarios.

Our Designer wanted to do something slightly different, but was at a loss as to what. The original idea was something similar to a rail station in a sci-fi loading bay centered in the ocean outside a behemoth citadel. This quickly faded from opinion as it felt too generic.

His idea afterwards however was significantly different, taking a real life area in Artisan, Dalston, he turned the new and clean block of flats into an “overcome by nature” scene. turning away from the generic “post apocalyptic” with dull skies, dirty atmosphere and a looming sense of danger in the air, he wanted to focus more on the idea of nature reclaiming what was once hers. With plant life taking back over, the signs of the population having left and the land righting itself once more.

His work is still being developed and will be finished before the competition deadline in May 2015, in hopes of his work being published, interviewed and documented in 3D world magazine.

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