How we joined hands with Low Fodmap Fantatics, Bay’s Kitchen

Apr 15, 2019 | Blog, Business

Bay's Kitchen Products

We first met Ben, from Bay’s Kitchen at the Gloucestershire Business Show event, in 2018. Familiar with Nettl, we had an interesting chat about Search Engine Optimisation and the website and digital marketing services we offer, from our Cheltenham and Gloucester studios. We discussed what we did as a company and how we believed we could help increase the visitors to a website and improve the customer purchasing process, the user experience.

A few months later, we had the opportunity to meet Bay (virtually!) and look in more detail and analyse the Bay’s Kitchen website. Bay’s Kitchen is a Cheltenham based company that makes delicious Sauces and now Soups, Stocks and Gravies too.
They’re all very suitable for people that are looking to follow a low fodmap diet. If like us, you have no clue what a low fodmap diet is, or are wondering if we’ve made a typo – don’t worry, neither did we. We do now understand that for people suffering with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), 20% of the population, following a fodmap diet has been scientifically proven to reduce and even eliminate symptoms in 75% of sufferers. For more information you can read about the Low Fodmap Diet here. There is also a wealth of low fodmap information and low fodmap recipes to try, and of course, you can buy the Bay’s Kitchen Low Fodmap Diet Sauces, Low Fodmap Diet Soups, Low Fodmap Diet Stocks and Low Fodmap Diet Gravies. We strongly recommend them to anyone we can, whether you’ve ever heard of a low fodmap diet or not!


 As a bonus, all these products are also gluten free and dairy free and most are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Which is a fantastic added benefit for those with different allergies and intolerances. Especially considering, they’re also mightily tasty for anyone, even if you don’t have any specific dietary requirements. Feel free to have a look at the Bay’s Kitchen website. Hope you like what we’ve done. And why not treat yourself and try some of Bay’s delicious sauces and products! If you don’t like them, we’ll give you the money back for them ourselves!

Since we’ve had the pleasure of working with Bay and Ben, we’ve been working on improving their website rankings in search engines and helping the site function more efficiently and provide a better customer journey. We’ve provided a fantastic and positive ‘Return on Ad Spend’ on social media ads which has been really great.

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