Four Gates of Gloucester is a free, self funded and not-for-profit website supporting and marketing Gloucester.

Sharing news, features and articles about our City, around our City, Four Gates has been created by Gloucester businesses, for Gloucester businesses.

With all of the positive development and regeneration, we are looking to maintain the momentum and stand up City Centre.

If you’ve got something to share, any feedback or opinions – let us know.

 How is Four Gates different?


  • Four Gates of Gloucester is a not-for-profit self-funded social enterprise. All surplus funds will be used towards creating a better City for people, shops and business.
  • We want to share and distribute articles, features and good news for free. We’re not in competition with any other publication, we’re aiming to help the common cause of regenerating and improving our City.
  • Less than 50% adverts. We keep the costs of advertising right down, to just cover costs.
  • We started off designing, printing and distributing 5,000 magazines off around our City, but moving with the times felt a website better serves the purpose and keeps more up to date.
  • We’re independent and we’re based in Gloucester City Centre. Creating a unique online and offline directory.

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