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So, what do I get with a
:concierge [MARKETER plan?

Getting your business featured in prominent places on the web can be a long slog – especially if you are in a competitive market. Promoting your website using ‘organic’ practices can be limited in its reach; if you are looking to make an instant impression, there are various channels you can explore.

With your help, Nettl of Gloucester can determine where the majority of your target audience visit on regular basis to look for the type of services you offer.

Nettl of Gloucester Concierge Marketer

We have an extensive knowledge of the platforms and tools that can help grow your business online. 

Have a look at the options that are available to you below:

Pay-per-Click (PPC)
Social Media
Email Marketing
Pay-per-Click (PPC)

The major search engines offer PPC (pay-per-click) platforms, which allow you to target keywords and phrases related to your business; once you set a budget, you can leapfrog to the very top of search engine result pages.

This is a guaranteed method of placing your message in direct view of those who will benefit from it most.

Social Media

Several social media networks have also jumped on board and have started offering advertising space to businesses, which has widened the scope for marketing on these platforms.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the facility to target adverts to specific audiences that are more likely to engage with your business.

Email Marketing

If you already have a database of contacts, who have subscribed to receive communications from you, then email marketing offers your services directly to their inbox.

Nettl of Gloucester can import your subscriber list, create an email template, and deliver your campaigns for you.

You have now seen the various ways to connect with your audience; here are the other benefits of opting for [MARKETER

We’ll create one or more advertising campaigns across your preferred platforms, and regularly monitor their performance.

Provide monthly reports so you can view the details of each social media or AdWords campaign.

Create a custom graphic to represent the product or service you are advertising.

You have a product or service you know people want; the [MARKETER plan can give it the boost it deserves and will prove to be an important arm to your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with Nettl of Gloucester for your free consultation.

 Let’s run the campaign.

Get in contact with us, and we’ll find the best solution for promoting your products and services.