Gloucester Inspiring Enterprise

Feb 27, 2015 | Blog

Pictured above: Josh spots someone wanting to learn basic 3D software

Recently, Nettl of Gloucester made a guest appearance at the Gloucester GLIC building to take part in the unique ‘enterprise learning experience’ With speaker Chris Nyland and apprentice Joshua Schofield, we helped encourage the younger generation with their ideas for businesses and offered advice on how we started and our roots.
The event itself was aimed to increase hireability of the students whilst developing their understanding of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and enterprise. It served as a brilliant opportunity to widen the students’ knowledge around the vast world of work.

Nettl’s place in the matter came from Chris Nyland, who told the background of himself and how he started as a businessman, then how he arrived at how he came to be what he is today. Whilst Josh offered insight into his role as an apprentice along with his future plans for a business idea of his own.

The session we attended was the 4th out of 6 planned events, with the next two aiming towards the students presenting their ideas to a panel of judges in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ form of manner, which we have also been invited to to act as judges. We look forward to seeing how they act under the pressure, and to see if they can keep their cool whilst presenting possibly Gloucester’s next business or service!

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