Diary of a design apprentice – Pt 2

Jun 12, 2014 | Blog

VRAY is truly a wonderful thing…

Creating a scene in 3DS max is a fun task, but finding the right lighting is a difficult matter. With little experience in this software, I set out on a quest to find the best ways of doing so. With much help from Ian, we discovered VRAY. VRAY is a rendering engine capable of producing absolutely beautiful renders, so I experimented on some floor plans for Guinness homes, turning a 2D blueprint into a 3D model. These are my results from start to finish:

1) Creating the basic floor plans in Adobe Illustrator


2) Extruding the walls to scale of an average house

3) Adding in some internal details


4) First render test with unrefined settings


5) Final render settings in Full HD ready for sending!


As you can see, the scene changes quite dramatically, starting off very bright and minimalistic, however as I came to grips with the seemingly endless environment settings and lighting parameters, I discovered the full extent of this amazing software. With no doubt much more to learn and improve upon


Once I had played around with the housing lightning, I wanted to give my shot at an external material render to discover how some settings affect objects in my scene. The results were instantly visible, but I had a few restraints… To render this single scene, it was taking an excess of 10+ minutes, so Absolute were gracious enough to gift the office with a new toy!


Now I’m not only decked out with more knowledge of the software, but Absolute have graced the office with a completely modern rendering machine. An excellent workhorse capable of pumping out 4K renders with ease, so there shall be a bright future ahead with lots and lots of super high quality images! I look forward to sharing my ongoing knowledge with you all as it develops.

– Joshua Schofield

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