SMS Marketing

Oct 10, 2014 | Blog, Marketing

We’re running more and more email marketing campaigns for a client, and as a ‘final reminder’ for some events they run, they asked us about SMS Marketing. We’d dabbled a little in the past, but not set up a robust system, so it was time to do some research. Our findings seemed to point towards TextMarketer. The handy intro video on the home page, gives a 90 second intro into what the powerful system does, and it was quick and simple to set up a test account with 10 free credits to have a play. A lot of big boy brands seemed to use them too, which always helps reassure. And they’re UK based, again always handy if we need to pick up the phone.

I quickly managed to create a campaign, I was directed to their handy user guide, and the interface seems to provide all the Management Information we come to expect from the email marketing service we provide our clients.

They provide a handy hints and tips section, the “17 R’s of Mobile Marketing”, see picture. They also provide the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing, which you can see below in a handy infographic, or a video which you can see below.

All in all, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen of the platform so far, so if you need to send out messages by SMS, get in touch and we can help you with a system and how it fits to your business!

We can also help you out making sure you stay within the regulations and stay onside with your customers. We’re sure, like us, being marketed to via SMS can be quite intrusive. But a handy and timely reminder about something from a trusted supplier or business we know and gave our consent to, is useful.

We of course fully subscribe to the rules and regulations for electronic mail which covers SMS Marketing.


SMS Marketing

Source: Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services

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