Low cost corporate business card printing

Nov 8, 2011 | Blog, Print

Does your organisation order business cards more than 10 times a year?

Well here’s a NEW way to make the amendments online and send them to print without delay.

Ordering business cards should be easy

Let’s face it, ordering business cards is necessary but incurs too much management time. The conventional ways of ordering business cards present different problems, with time and money inevitably being wasted.

Avoid the expense of ‘single’ business card orders

Order ‘single’ sets of business cards as and when you need them – convenient option but inevitably more expensive.

Remove the hassle of ‘gathering’ together

The alternative is ordering multiple sets together – this is typically more cost effective, but involves the hassle and management time of ‘gathering’ the various orders together at once.

Also, gathering together cards in this way, risks key people not having cards when they need them most. Likewise, cards may be ordered speculatively and subsequently not be used, negating cost efficiency.

A better way from printing.com

10 to 10,000 employees? printing.com have developed a new, intelligent online ordering system that provides on-demand business cards at a low cost.

The system helps maintain your corporate branding whilst eliminating job-by-job artwork charges incurred through name and detail changes.

Orders are placed when you need them through the quick and simple online process, which gives you access to heavily discounted prices. Our single sided 400gsm business cards start at £29 + VAT for 500.

To find out how this system could benefit you, simply contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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