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May 26, 2015 | Blog, Marketing, Nettl

At Nettl of Gloucester, we like to be transparent when working on projects for our clients. It sounds a little ambiguous, as there are varying degrees of transparency – and we draw the line at providing a private live feed of our desks – but we have found the perfect solution for you to track progress of the design and marketing campaigns work we do for you.

It comes in the form of an online project management tool, called Redbooth. It is a platform that allows us to consolidate all the work we do for you into individual tasks – all which have a progress window which we continually update, and the client can view and add feedback to. We’ve trialled a few of the market leading Project Management tools, like Basecamp and Zoho, but found Redbooth ticked all the boxes.

So let’s go through, step-by-step, how we would set this up for you…

Creating the project

We have received the brief from you, and we’re ready to go. We log into Redbooth, create the Project and associated Tasks (which come under their own Task Lists – for example, ‘Web Design & Build’, ‘Branding’, ‘Social Media’), and then we will create your account and invite you to access the project.

Set priorities

Each task will have a completion date next to it, as well as the staff member at Nettl of Gloucester which it has been assigned to. Within each task we will have a description of what is required, based on the brief you have supplied.

Monitor progress

Each time we have done some work on one aspect of the project, we will add our comments to let you know what stage we are currently at; when that happens, you will be notified by email.

Collaborate with us

We are breaking down barriers and opening up an important channel of communication and collaboration. If you have a contribution or query, these can be fielded to our team directly through Redbooth. It also means that, if we require some information from you, we can easily alert you and then reassign it to the team once it has been provided to us.

Does it mean you have to sign in each time? Absolutely not. With the email alerts you receive, you can open them up, hit ‘Reply’, and your response will update for us to view on Redbooth.

Every file associated with the project can be accessed through the ‘Files’ tab – should you need to download a copy of anything.

We have received no perks from Redbooth for this part-guide-part-review but, if anyone from the company is reading this, we will happily accept some. But now my work here is complete, that’s another task I can tick off in ‘the booth’ – as we call it.

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