Half Price Postcard Printing in Gloucester

Jun 9, 2011 | Blog, Print

Postcards are a proven direct marketing tool. Follow these tips and join the thousands of different businesses who use postcards to great success…

Don’t get stuffed

Don’t waste time, folding, stuffing and licking envelopes. Postcard + address label + stamp = easy!

Work your mailing list

Whether mailing existing customers or new prospects, the quality of your list will determine the success.

Make yourself irresistible

Why are you contacting them? Think of a powerful, limited-time offer and make it hard for them to refuse.

Say it in 5 seconds

Keep it brief. Write a clear, punchy headline which tells your message without confusing (we can help!)

Create Instant Impact

Use a strong image or headline and our high-impact, high-gloss lamination will add emphasis.

Say No to Unread Mail

Even people screening their mail over a recycling bin can’t choose to ignore the message on your postcard.

Turn Readers into Buyers

Give them a call to action. What do you want them to do next – Phone? Email? Visit? Tell them!

Save 50% Throughout June

Order Postcards during June and get them half price. Don’t miss out – order today!

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