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Feb 15, 2012 | Blog, Business, Marketing

You have a unique opportunity to reach at least 15,000 housesholds, whilst also enabling the local voluntary Gloucester Community / Neighbourhood Partnerships to continue distributing their crucial and valued news and information.

Local Neighbourhood Partnerships were formed in Gloucester between the City Council and a local committee in 2003. They exist to give local people a voice and make areas around our City a better place to be. Run entirely by volunteers, and independent from any political party, these organisations work with important local stakeholders such as The Police (to help fight minimise crime), Local Councillors, The NHS (for health and well being) in order to benefit their immediate local areas. The groups report back at minuted meetings every 2 months. They are also required to distribute updates on the important work they undertake and advise of their Annual General Meetings to all in the neighbourhood.

They have previously paid to get their news out to their neighbourhoods, but funding has reduced.

We are providing the solution but need your help.

We are offering to design, print and distribute their news and information on a not-for-profit basis. We need your help to cover the print costs.

The benefits;

  • Less expensive than other forms of advertising.
  • Rich in articles of interest – these newsletters are actually read, shared and kept.
  • We are maintaining the existing ‘look and feel’ of the newsletters.
  • Adverts will be amongst the articles.
  • Good PR – You will be credited as a ‘supporter’ enabling this crucial form of communication to continue.
  • The partnerships are ensuring all their magazines containing all their news are distributed.
  • Choose the areas you want to target.
  • Contribute to the charitable cause and maintain the positive momentum across our City.

The Three Bridges Partnership is a flagship Neighbourhood Partnership and has raised over £50,000 for work into the local area; Play areas and Parks, Clean Ups, Youth Work and general good uses and causes in the immediate area. Ask us for a copy of the newsletter to find out more. Steve O’Connor (who heads up this Partnership) received a certificate of commendation from the leader of the City Council in 2005/6 and in 2009/10 for the good management and raising funds for the community.

The model is not-for-profit, we are looking to support the good work these groups do, not for any commercial gain. The ‘Four Gates of Gloucester’ magazine runs to the same not-for-profit model that we have proved works, distributing 5,000 magazines across the City Centre every two months. ‘MyChurchdown’ magazine also operates to 5,000 households in Churchdown.

Your support is crucial to ensure this fantastic local work continues.

The cost is £150 to uniquely access 15,000 households in these first 3 Neighbourhood partnership publications. Free advert design. Details of the initial three neighbourhood partnerships we’re working with below.

Or £250 for a half page advert across 25,000 households.

Support your neighbourhood. Support your City. And promote your business at the same time.

Reserve your place today. Contact  

Neighbourhood PartnershipDistribution numbersCost for a half page ad
(per issue – 3 per yr)
Tuffley, Grange & Podsmead



Barton & Tredworth



Kingsholm & Wotten



Not NPs (but similar model and distribution)(per issue – 6 per yr)
Four Gates of Gloucester






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