#FFF as a sheet!

Sep 12, 2012 | Blog

Quite often I find myself filling my RAM with useless screenshots whenever I need to sample a colour in HEX format. There are numerous browser extensions such as Eye Dropper and ColorZilla, but I’ve yet to find an adequate solution for capturing colours from the desktop.

Say I like the colour of a flower in my desktop wallpaper, or the shiny blue glimmer on the start button in the Windows 7 GUI? I’d rather not take a screenshot requiring me to open and paste into Paint, to then have to sample the colour using Paint’s eyedropper tool and convert the colour from RGB to HEX myself.


The colour picker adds an icon to your System Tray that, when clicked, freezes the screen and displays a small preview window. As you move your cursor, the preview window is updated with a magnified section of the screen based on the cursor position and shows the current pixel’s HEX colour code as well as previewing the colour. A simple click will copy the code to your clipboard, while a tap of the ‘Esc’ key will quit the whole thing and leave your clipboard how it was.

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