Diary of a Design Apprentice – Part 1

May 9, 2014 | Blog, Design

Last week it was Jake, now it is Josh!
Diary of a design apprentice – pt1

A small diary following the progress and discoveries of a new 3D designer and marketing apprentice.

Originally I found my love for creating physical objects as a kid through the usage of Lego, then as time spanned on, I discovered new mediums of creation and experimented respectively. Year by year growing more and more fascinated by building structures, vehicles or creatures in any way I possibly could, I sought out something more. Therefore I studied computer graphical design.

What interested me as a hybrid marketing and modelling apprentice was the sheer diversity, I got to move onto a new horizon of which I’d previously not thought about, whilst still retaining my love for creating all things. It seemed like a steal, so I jumped upon the opportunity. Thus far I’ve learned slowly, but effectively, from the small team of people here teaching me their own ways and methods of approaching certain tasks:

Ian has demonstrated to me the usage of Adobe suite, consisting of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to create basic site maps (Such as shown) for company brochures. To which I have implemented my basic knowledge of 3DS max to build a scale representation of the owned properties.



Also running along the same rails as Jake, I too got a crash course on all things SEO from our head honcho, Chris, and how important keeping that foothold on the top of search engines is. Gaining valuable knowledge in how to keep our presence known and respected up there!

Last but not least, the chief geek of the office and web developer, Angel. She’s had me making some basic changes to the internals of a client’s web page through Notepad++, with some more to do in the future without a doubt.

Working for absolute creative has been a massive eye opener thus far, as it has shown me how closely knit you have to be as a team in order to get things done. And just the necessity of a diverse range of skills. Being able to help with each aspect of the business will certainly be interesting for the future.

Although I may not be the most adept at blogging my advancements, I should be doing a couple a month in order to show progression as both an individual and as a team.

Expect to hear more from me in the future as I work on much more detailed structures, both interior and exterior Which will look a lot more appealing than my old work!


– Joshua Schofield

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