An Absolute Adobe man date

Jul 31, 2014 | Blog, Design

Being a key component in our daily routine, Adobe has been of tremendous use to us. From photo manipulation work, to vector based graphics and template design. So it would only be fair for us to attend a showcase of the latest features would it not?

Chief designer, Ian and I headed to the capital city not too long back in order to attend this presentation hosted by 3 of the top employees in Adobe in order to get a glimpse at what new features could be implemented into our workflow.

Most prominently, their new hardware branch named “Ink and Slide”. This is a digital ruler and pen which synchronises with your iPad and allows you to extremely efficiently create pinpoint designs. Although this is not yet released in the United Kingdom, development is progressing swiftly and will soon ship in late 2014.

With additional features in  each of the programs, Ian and I really had some new things to dig our fingers into and play around with. we also look forward to seeing how effective this sketching tool really is!

All in all, this day was a great success, between the lovely weather, food at the Royal Exchange and new-found knowledge. I look forward to attending similar things in the future!

Joshua Schofield,

3D Design and Graphics Wizard.

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